​Baldus Scavenger Breathing System

​The autoclavable Double Nasal Mask System
shows a perfect fit and a efficient ​suction capacity

​The Baldus Scavenger Breathing System combines efficient ​suction capacity and a modern design. The use of bendable and soft material for the double masks fits perfectly to any face shape. Because of the perfect fit the ambient air contaminiation with laughing gas is significantly reduced. Furthermore the soft material prevents uncomfortable pressure marks on the skin of the patient. The complete System ist full autocalvable! ​The Baldus ​Scavenger Breathing System is compatible with any oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer unit.

More Hygiene
More Comfort
M​ore Safety

Auto​clavable Double Nasal Masks


You can offer your patientes a very enjoyable time in your practice with our unique Baldus Inner Masks - our recomendation for an easier and more effective treatment with children! A absolute highlight for the ​little patients is our "Strawberry Delight". The red Inner Masks is definitely a kids favorite. The pleasant scent "Blueberry Dance" is ​perfect for the sensitive noses of ​adults. 

Bieten Sie Ihren Patienten einen angenehmen Zahnarztbesuch mit unserer unverwechselbaren Baldus® Einweg-Innenmasken.

​Operating Mode

​How does the Baldus® Scavenger Breathing System work in details? Because of the exhalation in the inner mask the membrane opens and the exhaled gas attains the outer mask. The suction in the outer mask is separate from the inner mask, so the patient can breathe without resistance. This reduces the uncomfortable straw effect of other mask systems.

​Relaxed patients are no longer wishful thinking!
Everything, that you needed ​to calm patients down and making them happy, ​the Nitrous Oxide Sedation System of Baldus.

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