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​Baldus® ​Nitrous Oxide Sedation Made in Germany ​enables completely new options
of dental treatment for dentists. ​

Baldus Nitrous Oxide Sedation is developed and produced in Germany. The use of Nitrous Oxide Sedation creates ​new oppportunities for dentists and their possibilities of treatment. Baldus Medical Technology Ltd. has optimized and redesigned available oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer units. Baldus was supported by ​dentists and universities with ​experiences in Nitrous Oxide Sedation. The complete development from important safety features to design questions was made in Germany! ​

Baldus Touch

Baldus Touch - ​Mixer Unit >>

​The digital mixer unit Baldus® Touch combines the latest technology and
innovative features and is a world debut on the dental nitrous-oxide market. >> GERMAN INNOVATION AWARD WINNER 2019 <<

​Baldus Scavenger Breathing System >>

​The Baldus Scavenger Breathing System combines an efficient and safety suction power and a modern design. 

Baldus Analog - ​Mixer Unit >>

The Baldus® Analog convinces with its elegant and rugged design due to first-class material and its intuitive handling. ​

​Gas Supply Systems >>

​How to integrate the gas supply in your clinic? We ​present two solutions: Decentralised and Central Gas Supply.  

​Relaxed patients are no longer wishful thiniking!
Everything, that you needed ​to calm patients down and making them happy, ​the Nitrous Oxide Sedation System of Baldus.​ 

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