​Medical Gas Supply in Hospitals and Surgery Clinics

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Medizinische Gasversorgung in Krankenhäusern und OP-Zentren

Darauf können Sie sich 100% verlassen. Hochwertige Produkte und exzellente Dienstleistungen für die medizinische Gasversorgung

500 ​Hospitals and Surgery Clinics throughout europe
trust in real quality Made in Germany

We are a small but all the more powerful team for medical gas supply. Today we are proud to service more than 500 hospitals and surgery clinics in Europe, and the numbers are growing steadily. For a simple reason: You can ​count on us ​one-hundred percent. In other words: we are a task force to support you in every way of your safety standards. 

​Performance, in ​our words: we provide you individual consulting, ​your personal contact person will be available for you at any time, our work attitude convinces by flexibility, quickness, quality and budget compliance. Our philosophy has always been and will remain, not to sell anything our customers do not actually need. But everything that is needed for your successful work routine.

Baldus, that is medium-sized enterprises with ​real quality Made in Germany. We at Baldus are proud of the values we live by: trust, innovation and service quality. It provides the basis for which we develop and shape the future. You can rely on it.

​Advantages for your safety standards

  • ​High-value products
  • ​Outstanding services
  • ​Individual consulting and planning
  • ​Flexible, on time and on budget
  • ​Medium-sized family business

Innovative ​Products

​Consulting, Sales and Serivce


​Versatile solutions and top compressed air. We are distributor for ALMiG Compressor Systems (automatc air pumps - Made in Germany). Our customers receive sophisticated compressor technologies for all requirements.

​Vacuum Pumps

​Rotary vane vacuum pumps are known throughout the medical industry for their modern and energy-efficient vacuum generation, in a wide range of applications.

Anaesthetic Scavenging Systems

In the course of anaesthesia some of the anaesthtic gases enter the environment or are exhaled by the patient respectively. In order to extract these superfluous gases and to discharge the outdoors, we offer a Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Disposal System, which operates without compressor plant. 

​Medical ​Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

​Medical high-safety solutions are designed to prevent power related destructions, damages and disruptions to ensure sophisticated electronic health-care technologies perform as they were intended. Our UPS ​are completely projected and studied to guarantee maximum safety to the medical equipment connected up to 3 hours.

​Compressed Air Preparation

​We offer a complete program for all tasks related to the ​processing of compressed air in the medical sector: filtration, adsorption dryer, compressed-air refrigeration dryer, condensate technology and oil-water separation. 


​Medical Compressed-Gas Systems

​Changeover units with pneumatically-controlled changeover are responsible for regulation, supervision and control of medical gas supply untis. 

​Medical Supply Unit

Innovative technology and sustainable desgin for​bed head units for normal and intensiv care and ​operating rooms. In addtion our ceiling supply units provide room for the equipment and medical gases used for the treatment of patients on a swiveling ceiling mount. These pendant systems can be positioned flexibly for optimal utilization of the space available in operating rooms and intensive care units.

​Distribution System

​High-quality pipeline systems for ​your medical gas supply. Distribution systems made from copper and stainless steel are used for the transport of medical gases and vaccum.

​Compressed Air & Ambient Air Monitoring

​For the safety of staff and patients, ​work areas have to be equipped with oxygen monitoring equipment, carbon dioxide sensors, carbon monoxide sensors and dew point sensors. We ensure a standard monitoring of your medical gas supply units.​

​Medical Gas Outlet & Air Motor

​Medical gas outlets can be installed anywhere in the treatment areas to take compressed air and vacuum from the medical gas supply system.  

​Medical ​Connecting Devices

​Our large portfolio of medical connecting devices stand for ​quality, reliability and functional design: flowmeter, graduate flowmeter, oxygen/ air mixer, oxygen therapy unit, oxygen combi unit, humidifier and atomizer, vaccum regulation valve, vaccum regulation thorax drainage, compressed air injector, permanent drainage injector, vaccum regulation valve and compressed air injector with water trap, couplings, outlet pressure reducers, high pressure reducers, and so on. 

Installation and Maintenance

​Our service stands for your safety

Every employee of Baldus Medical Technology is ​an expert for its own particular area ​for medical gas supply. We serving customers to high levels of flexibility. We work quickly, reliably, properly and on time. That is how we guarantee that our customers are satisfied and recommend us. 

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