​Baldus Nitrous Oxide Sedation for dental clinics

​Saving valuable time during the treatment!
Nitrous Oxide Sedation, the problem solver for anxious patients!

Die Baldus Lachgassedierung für Ihre Zahnarztpraxis.​

Sparen Sie wertvolle Zeit bei der Behandlung und sichern Sie sich Ihre einzigartige Marktposition als Problemlöser für Angstpatienten!

​The main facts about Nitrous Oxide Sedation

​Advantages for Dentists

  • ​Additional attractive source of income
  • ​Minimized working time
  • ​More efficient work-flow and increased productivity
  • ​Sedation without anaesthetist
  • Stress-free and concentrated work
  • ​Fast distribution in the CNS
  • ​Highly accepted by patients
  • ​Complications nearly excluded
  • Almost no risks – sedative with the lowest side-effects
  • ​Success of hypnosis treatment increases

​Advantages for ​Patients

  • ​Decreased gag reflex and retching
  • Feeling relaxed during dental treatment
  • Reduced pain sensitivity
  • ​Gentle and efficient sedation
  • ​Reduced sense of time
  • Remarkably reduced anxiety
  • Accompanying person not needed, fit to drive within 15 minutes
  • ​No empty stomach (Dr. B. Mohr)
  • Inexpensive compared to general anaesthesia
  • Success of hypnosis treatment increases
Dr. Tanja Brächer German Dentist

Great Enrichment

There could not be a greater enrichment than nitrous oxide sedation!

Dr. Özgür Padrok German Dentist

Fantastic Company!

Technical competence combined with customer friendliness, that is how I got to know Baldus!

Dr. Sandra Herbrig German Dentist

Loyal and satisfied customers for many years!

Highly competent and friendly team; great innovative ideas for developing the mixer units and equipment for nitrous oxide sedation. Excellent cooperation since 1999!

Innovative ​Products Made in Germany

​Precision, ​Reliability and ​Quality

​Baldus Nitrous Oxide Sedation is developed and produced in Germany. The use of Nitrous Oxide Sedation creates ​new oppportunities for dentists and their possibilities of treatment. 

Baldus Medical Technology Ltd. has optimized and redesigned available oxygen-nitrous oxide mixer units. Baldus was supported by ​dentists and universities with ​experiences in Nitrous Oxide Sedation. The complete development from important safety features to design questions was made in Germany! ​


Certification according to CED resolution 2012

The n2o-Academy workshops include the presentation and
explanation of all important aspects of Nitrous Oxide Sedation.
To be allowed to sedate with nitrous oxide, a dentist has to attend 10-12 hours workshop (CED resolution 2012). 
​The seminar instructors and lecturers are highly qualified experts with years of experiences with Nitrous Oxide Sedation.

The ​Nitrous Oxide Sedation should only be used by certified dentists and dental assistants, ​who can handle possible complications of the treatment ​under nitrous oxide. If these requirements are fulfilled, the application in the dental clinics will not cause any contraindications (Dental Sedation Teachers Group, 2000).

​Each member of your team has the opportunity to attend the workshop of our partners worldwide. Your assistant will be trained and qualified to apply the sedation method professionally and with high standards.

Best adivce und best service

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​International Sales Manager
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